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AVS History

AVS Design Concepts, Inc. is a corporation, in the full sense of the word, with three shareholders each active in the company. The birth of this company is a unique example of how good companies each following a slightly different business track yet operating within the same marketplace can come together to form something great.

John Brothers and Buddy Carmichael started a small custom Audio/Video company in the fall of 2003. Working out of a small space on the 100 block of Gay Street they focused primarily on mid to high-end custom installations. Beau Wadsworth owned Telesystems, a successful security and telephone systems company started in 1988. The two companies were “friendly competitors” sharing information regarding product knowledge and business trends. They were careful to communicate where each was working at the time so direct competition would not occur. Often, the three business owners would travel to trade shows together and even meet with product vendors as a group.

In mid 2005, the owner of Matrix Installations, a large-scale residential integration company was looking to spin off the Knoxville location. John Brothers was contacted as a potential buyer, shared the opportunity with the other members of what had become a loose alliance, and the idea for AVS Design Concepts, Inc. was born. From the very beginning stages, the concept was for AVS to be flexible enough to complete any size project from six figure, full integration projects to pre-wire jobs under $1,000.00 with the same focus on customer satisfaction. On December 1, 2005 the merger/acquisition was complete and AVS was born. The very first year we completed over 200 projects of varying sizes.

On the surface, this may seem to be a common story about similar companies joining to become a larger more formidable force. For us, it was never about that. We looked to create something that we couldn’t find, something better than the combination of four successful companies. From the beginning, the shareholders wanted to create an environment where excellent talent was fully supported to create unparalleled results. Every decision made during the formation of the company was measured against our desire to have “a great place to do great work”. We believe AVS is that organization. Every member of our team is important and is treated as such. We invite you to call us and see how we can make your project a part of this great story. Please, become part of our great experiment.

AVS Principals

About - John
John Brothers

John began his career in the heavy equipment industry as the Marketing Director for a large, international distributor. Tired of being away from East Tennessee for long periods of time, John changed industries and joined a commercial A/V installation firm. After several years in the A/V industry, he recognized an opportunity in the residential marketplace and founded Audio Design Concepts.

About - Buddy
Charles "Buddy" Charmichael

Buddy brings to AVS 30 years of experience in the industry. After serving in the U.S. Navy, Buddy began his career with Lindsay Ward, Now Audio/Video, before moving to the commercial A/V firm where he and John met. Together, they started Audio Design Concepts to provide an answer to the growing needs in the residential market. Buddy calls on his experience to attract clients and design A/V systems found in many of the area's most prominent residences.

About - George
George "Beau" Wadsworth

Beau brings 25 years of commercial and residential experience to AVS in the areas of security, surveillance, access control, and telephone systems. He has a degree in Engineering from UTK and serves AVS in many capacities, including refinement of our processes and procedures.